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Omega Baphomet

Camping Paradisios

I am collecting information on the best camping spots near Austin, Texas, for use by A2CT for planning camping adventures. I will try a few of these camping spots out this year and report back. Meanwhile, I am soliciting your opinions.

I have an immediate need this weekend, so time is of the essence.

I am interested in locations that match what I call a "Close to Austin" camping profile. This profile is based on the following planning assumptions:

  1. 2-20 folks want to go out to a camping on a Saturday afternoon
  2. the location may private, or public, but must accomodate folks camping there
  3. the location must not be too far from Austin, Texas
  4. the folks want to setup up a camp site
  5. play in the park, springs and trails until dark
  6. sit around the campfire dancing and drumming at night
  7. sleep overnight in tents or shelters
  8. and leave mid-Sunday
  9. they may have to make reservations
  10. it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg

AQ and I came up with a short list, but I am sure that there is a veritable wealth of information that my friends might want to share. Please give me info you can on the places you can speak to. I know this is hard work, so at least give me your info on your one favorite spot, or top-three if you have time, or all of them if you are bored or gung-ho:

  1. Rank the locations you're commenting on from 1 to 10: 1 is low, 10 is very super great
  2. Give a URL if you have it, or a URL to some pictures
  3. Note key decision factors like "day-use only", "no fires", "no camping", "no dogs", "no kids", etc.
  4. Are reservations required?

Here are some starter location ideas. Add any ones that you think I may have missed and give me info on them too! Everyone who contributes to this exercise will get a copy of the final super consolidated "Close to Austin" camping info pack as a gesture of appreciation:

Bastrop State Park
ranks 5
Closer on the east side of Austin

Closer on the west, state owned

Buescher State Park
Closer on the east side of Austin

Colorado Bend State Park
west of lampassas

Dabbs Hotel River
Llano is too far

Enchanted Rock
too far

Guadalupe River
Closer on the west, state owned

Inks Lake

Krause Springs
ranks 7
only 34 miles west of austin
possibly the most beautiful springs in texas

Closer on the east side of Austin

Marble Falls

McKinney Falls [does it even have camping?}

Pedernales Falls
Ranks 7
Closer on the west, state owned
In dripping springs

Reimers Ranch
ranks 6
day use only
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